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New Layout

by volve on Jun.30, 2007, under ui, web

I just noticed today that have rolled out a new layout. I quite like the simplified look. It definitely feels as if it brings the news to the forfront whilst maintaining compartmentalization.

Looking at the brief stats it seems a lot lighter too. Oh and it has some smooth carousel action going on with the video thumbnails too.

Kind of a shame that Glasgow Airport terrorist crashing nonsense had to take me there but oh well.

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Modern Keyboards = Not So Good

by volve on Dec.02, 2006, under ui

Funny article which I totally agree with: 10 Reasons Modern Keyboards are Shit

Keyboards really need to be updated. I know Dvorak tried but it was barely scratching the service. I’m sure there are enough wonderful touch-sensitive technologies out there that I shouldn’t have to move my hands around furriously to get some ideas down. Anyway, check out that article.

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by volve on Nov.29, 2006, under ui

Article worth a read: The Interface of a Cheeseburger

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scrybe organiser

by volve on Oct.22, 2006, under software, ui, web

This looks fairly impressive. At times it appears as though they’re using Flash or Flex, but at others it’s hard to tell. In any case, it should be fun to see. I’m particularly impressed with the couple of different printing options mentioned, and the smooth integration of timezones. I’m not so enamored with the Offline support as I think it’ll have many limitations, unless they’re definitely using Flex… hmmm

Teasing details and a beta email signup available at: Scrybe site

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cellphone concept

by volve on Oct.08, 2006, under ui

I do believe this cellphone concept with full surface touchscreen looks /awesome/:

[via engadget mobile]

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Some Snappy Applications

by volve on Jul.04, 2006, under ui, web

Here a couple of recent UI concepts I’ve been impressed with. Imagery and Timeline. Go play with them!

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Suggested Linux Desktop UX/UI Improvements

by volve on Apr.01, 2006, under linux, ui

Peter Chabada posted a length, nitty-gritty list of 40+ possible improvements to Linux desktops (mainly Gnome). Worth a read for ideas:

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media server software rant update (mini review)

by volve on Feb.06, 2006, under articles, media storage, movies, software, ui

It appears that the sorry state of UIs in media server software doesn’t extend to the Mac platform. I’ve been surfing around reading a few obscure articles this week and although the software isn’t very mature, I’ve been quite impressed with several Mac projects. Namely: MediaCentral, CenterStage, iTheatre, and CoverFlow. The best part is that unlike some of the Windows appliations, these three for the Mac are free! (Try saying that ten times fast.)

Although MediaCentral is quite text-based for navigation, its presentation is definitely a lot sharper and more refined than any of the others. CenterStage is intersting and has a lot of potential, but better be careful not to ‘over utilize’ available space. It’s definitely the most mature of the projects. My main gripe is that if I’m browsing a bunch of movie covers (which BackStage – the CenterStage backend component sucsessfully downloaded for me), why do I need a text title underneath them? I don’t; it simply wastes space. Also the cover browsing section seems awfully small, but as I didn’t poke too deeply, one might be able to turn off the preview area to the right (that would be handy). iTheatre is at RC1 currently and has quite a few pieces of missing functionality, but could be nice although is heavily text-based like MediaCentral. CoverFlow is purely for browsing your music but it is such a simple, obvious UI that it merits mentioning. Hopefully its ideas can be intergrated into a more encompassing media browser.

(lg, xl)
(lg, xl)
(lg, xl)
(lg, xl)
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Database Schemata Design Quickie

by volve on Jan.05, 2006, under ui, web

In an awesome twist of “bobby just sent me a link when I asked about schema design“-fate, WWW SQL Designer has to be the coolest “random web app from some random guy” in quite a while! Go forth and create!

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rant regarding media servers

by volve on Jan.03, 2006, under linux, media storage, software, ui

I was originally commenting on an article on Engadget but felt like expanding it a bit here.

Ok, what everyone has to remember is that the User Interface of whatever is presenting you with your >1,000 DVD library has to not just be good, but has to be GREAT. The only GREAT interface I’ve found is from Kaleidascape but sadly that’s only inside their $20k media server (nuts!). In looking at the Niveus and Escient screenshots, they look like rejected 80s MTV visuals… Don’t even get me started on MythTV, Meedio, DVD Lobby or the like; goodness.

Although not leaps and bounds better, I am very happy with Xbox running Xbox Media Center. I have my 2TB library ripped to my file-server and the Xbox Media Center software is by far the most friendly and elegant for access. However, even this isn’t a match to the Kaleidascape UIs. Frankly, I’ve given-up and settled for writing my own interface in Flex. Not sure when it’ll be released, but it’ll definitely be free when it’s done.

Just wanted to add my thoughts to this debate in the hopes of tempering all these new product announcements lately and remind people that a >1,000 DVD library is really pretty useless when you can only see ~9-12 covers on screen at a time… Oh and the Sony XL-1 Digital Living System does look quite impressive, but is still bound by the Microsoft MCE2005 limitations. Sony did have some UI screenshots of a different media server but I can’t seem to locate them right now – more on that later.

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