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RDP over SSH

by volve on Jan.19, 2006, under articles, linux, software

I’d been having some annoyances with RDP (Remote Desktop) over SSH. The primary source of annoyance stemmed from the Win2k/XP client not allowing you to connect to your local IP regardless of port, forwarded or otherwise. Luckily, it isn’t actually clever enough to know that the address is also tied to the loopback device (one of Microsoft’s little liberties that turns out to actually be handy – who knew?!). So, here’s a solution that’ll save you time struggling and cash from buying an application such as WiSSH that is entirely unnecessary.

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Database Schemata Design Quickie

by volve on Jan.05, 2006, under ui, web

In an awesome twist of “bobby just sent me a link when I asked about schema design“-fate, WWW SQL Designer has to be the coolest “random web app from some random guy” in quite a while! Go forth and create!

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rant regarding media servers

by volve on Jan.03, 2006, under linux, media storage, software, ui

I was originally commenting on an article on Engadget but felt like expanding it a bit here.

Ok, what everyone has to remember is that the User Interface of whatever is presenting you with your >1,000 DVD library has to not just be good, but has to be GREAT. The only GREAT interface I’ve found is from Kaleidascape but sadly that’s only inside their $20k media server (nuts!). In looking at the Niveus and Escient screenshots, they look like rejected 80s MTV visuals… Don’t even get me started on MythTV, Meedio, DVD Lobby or the like; goodness.

Although not leaps and bounds better, I am very happy with Xbox running Xbox Media Center. I have my 2TB library ripped to my file-server and the Xbox Media Center software is by far the most friendly and elegant for access. However, even this isn’t a match to the Kaleidascape UIs. Frankly, I’ve given-up and settled for writing my own interface in Flex. Not sure when it’ll be released, but it’ll definitely be free when it’s done.

Just wanted to add my thoughts to this debate in the hopes of tempering all these new product announcements lately and remind people that a >1,000 DVD library is really pretty useless when you can only see ~9-12 covers on screen at a time… Oh and the Sony XL-1 Digital Living System does look quite impressive, but is still bound by the Microsoft MCE2005 limitations. Sony did have some UI screenshots of a different media server but I can’t seem to locate them right now – more on that later.

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